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Welcome to Bandcamp 10

Published on 10th April 2018

After two blissful years of convenience, I have canceled my Spotify premium subscription. I've been thinking a lot about how to be a responsible consumer of music in the era of free streaming and easy access, and how to put money in the pockets, gas tanks, and stomachs of artists who need it without giving a large chunk of it to bloated corporations and media moguls. 

I've decided to challenge myself by spending the money I would have paid to Spotify for premium access--$10 per month--on Bandcamp releases instead.

Bandcamp's Fair Trade Music Policy clearly lays out the percentage the site takes from online sales, and states that they pay artists out on a daily basis rather than sending them a royalty check for cents on the dollar at the end of every month. That's a business plan I can get behind.

I'm looking forward to taking time every month to browse the depths of the site for new sounds, artists, and projects to support. I'll be writing about them, too! If you've got a single or an album you think I might like, drop me a line at erinebensinger@gmail.com.