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Best of 2019: 100 gecs — "1000 gecs"

Slowly, the ska-tinged electro-shred hook from “stupid horse” seeped into all the cracks in my brain, forcing me to return to the record again and again to soothe the earworm. Dear readers, I did not expect to end up a gec, but here I am.
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PREMIERE: Chloe Gallardo - "Fool's Keeper"

With “Fool’s Keeper,” Chloe Gallardo’s chill indie-pop makes longing go down smooth. Chloe Gallardo’s debut project, the Hey Kid EP, came out as she was graduating high school in 2017. In 2020, she’s honing a new sound: sweet, dreamy indie anchored by euphoric guitar riffs, ethereal vocals, and squeaky-clean production. “Fool’s Keeper” is her first track in almost a year. It’s smooth, lush, and groovy; a sound that belies the sadness in its lyrics. Beginning with a sample of drum machine and a

PREMIERE: Jonny Gold - "How Do You Like Me Now"

Jonny Gold’s indie-country debut “How Do You Like Me Now” is here, it’s queer, and we’re not getting over it. Western aesthetics have been having a moment in the queer sun, through artists like Kacey Musgraves and Orville Peck. Joining the pack is Jonny Gold, a nonbinary singer-songwriter who grew up in ultra-conservative South Texas and now resides in Seattle, Washington, where they make beautifully sad cowboy music for the rest of us city slickers. “How Do You Like Me Now” is a catchy, shimm

VIDEO PREMIERE: Eyemèr - "On My Own"

Eyemèr responds to the darkness of the world and shines a light on the rest of us with new single “On My Own”. Using their melancholic indie-folk to break down the stigma against mental illness, Eyemèr is the project of nonbinary singer-songwriter Sarah Devreese from Ghent, Belgium. The project began in 2018, prior to which Sarah released music using their own name. As Eyemèr, they use their platform to bring light to the realities of genderqueer people and people living with mental illness. “
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